Award Wining Idea On SDGs

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Award Winning Idea

The idea is to personalize the Sustainable Development Goals. Instead of looking at it from a broader perspective I thought to be able to achieve most of the goals by 2030 we need to personalize the goals. We personalize the goals by allowing people from all walks of life share the problems that they encounter in their lives on the blog which are related to the SDGs. For example a community somewhere in some village doesn’t have access to clean water which is a basic human right, how do they get the necessary help they need ? You can report it on the blog with evidence in the form of pictures or video and we will also have a segment you can drop solutions to the problems shared & donate towards it. At the end of every month we pick one problem that needs financing & we start a social media campaign to raise money to support this. This I believe won’t just be an ordinary blog but a blog that will create awareness, make impact in people’s lives & the SDGs as a whole. It is individual efforts that will help us achieve these SDGs by 2030. PERSONALIZE THE GOALS.

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